What we do

The mission of CONAPAC is to promote conservation and social development through education in the rainforest of Loreto, Peru.




Education Workshops

  • As part of the Adopt-A-School program we hold workshops in order to bring teachers and community leaders together to learn new techniques and teaching strategies. The focus is on environmental education and is an invaluable tool to advance our broader goals of environmental awareness. Each year, three-day workshops are presented in our AAS partner communities.
  • Topics for teacher workshops include development of productive lesson plans, inclusive education for all students, health and nutrition in the rainforest, the importance of including parent participation in the education process. Local specialists are invited in to share their expertise.
  • Workshops for community leaders include topics on their role in the village, health and nutrition as the basis for a prosperous community, sustainable use of natural resources, productive soil strategies, and the exchange of experiences among leaders of neighboring villages.
  • As part of the inauguration of each new water treatment plant, CONAPAC hosts a community-wide water education workshop. Adults attend meetings with themes such as global water issues, sources of contamination, the water situation in PerĂº, microbial organisms and consequences of contaminated water consumption, maintenance of the water plant and household water containers, and basic financial management strategies. In a separate area, children create murals with clean water themes. They take a trip to the water treatment plant to learn how it operates. And they hear important messages about the value of drinking clean water.

Water Workshop

Online Donation
Donation Form

How to Donate online: Use this secure donation system available through our US partner, the Detroit Zoological Society. Be sure to use the Designation drop down menu to select clean water. Then select the blank button above it and put in your amount. You can add a further description of your request to help with water workshops in the Comments box in the Additional Information section.

How to Donate by mail: Send this form and your donation to the DZS, our partner in the US. If you want your donation to be used for clean water workshops, please check special projects on the form and add a comment to indicate your request.