Clean Water Now Flows in Yana Yacu
Thanks to the generosity of donor Sharon Hayes from Meadville, Pennsylvania, the community of Yana Yacu now has a new water treatment plant. Sharon arrived this month to personally inaugurate the water plant and meet the members of the community. It was a rare treat to have the actual donor at the ceremony.

A few days later, the CONAPAC team facilitated a Community Water Workshop, sharing important information and providing training. A community lunch was served, provided by CONAPAC, and new water collection buckets for each family and cups for each child were distributed.
Later this month, a replacement water plant made of concrete will be installed at Iquique. This community has embraced clean water since the beginning of our Water Program. Operator Patriz is committed to her responsibilities and produces clean water on a regular weekly schedule. Donors Adopt-A-Village International and Amazon Amigos will make this rebuilding possible. The new tower goes up this month and final installation of water tank, pipes, and filter will be completed in December. Pictured below is Patriz and Iquique's wooden water tower which has served the community well since 2010 when it was built through a donation from the Saga Charitable Trust.
The Return of Jane Claud
Our good friend Jane Claud from Pompano Beach, Florida, returned again this year to volunteer at the CONAPAC Amazon Library. This is her third time volunteering with us. Jane is a retired school librarian media specialist. She continues to bring a wealth of knowledge to improve the professionalism of our two libraries, along with fun gifts and new ideas. This year she raised money to purchase over 200 pounds of new books, all in Spanish and all personally carried down to Peru in her luggage. We very much appreciate Jane’s service to the children of the rainforest and look forward to her next visit.
Adopt-A-School 2017 Preparations
Although we’re months away from our first day of deliveries, much already has been accomplished behind the scenes. 25,000 custom-designed notebooks have been ordered from the printer in Lima. Over $30,000 worth of school supplies (pens, paper, folders, pencils, etc.) has been ordered, along with numerous reading books for all ages. Staging and packet production will begin at the beginning of February and continue until the first day of delivery.
Donations are coming in for our 24th year of Adopt-A-School but we need many more to make 2017 another successful year of the program. With the holidays just around the corner, consider the gift of education (perhaps in the name of your family, church, community group, or a dear friend) by adopting one school at $425 for the year. A small portion of this fee also supports our two Amazon libraries. (Read about CONAPAC Amazon Library activities.) As always, no part of your Adopt-A-School donation goes toward salaries. All funding goes to the purchase of supplies and transportation costs.
Amazon Library Receives an Important Donation
Over the many years that the CONAPAC Amazon library has been in existence, its capacity to collect and store energy has been limited. The library does not have lights or fans but it does have a few computers and a TV monitor and video system. This past summer, Dr. Linnea Smith donated several new solar panels to the library in an attempt to expand our capacity. However, our very old storage batteries, long overdue for replacement, simply weren't able to take full advantage of this technology.

The cost to replace and install new batteries is significant--$3000. We've been looking for a donor or donors for some time now. Fortunately, friends of the library have stepped forward. IFED (International Fund for Economic Development) and IE (International Expeditions) each agreed to fund half the cost for this library upgrade. This month seven new storage batteries were installed. They are capable of utilizing our new solar panels and providing the necessary power we need for our ever-expanding computer lab. A huge thank you goes out to our donors, IFED and International Expeditions.
Update on Marcy’s Book
As you know, our good friend Marcy Sieggreen, herpetologist for the Detroit Zoo, passed away this summer. She brought research techniques, knowledge, and joy to the family of Explorama, CONAPAC, and students in our Adopt-A-School program. In her honor, we created a special project to buy two books, La Selva Tropical (Tropical Rainforest) and Ranas Fantásticas (Fantastic Frogs), for classroom libraries in each of our 55 Adopt-A-School partner communities to be delivered during our 2017 Adopt-A-School weeks. A special inscription to honor Marcy will be placed in each book. The total investment for these books came to $825.00. We have already received $575 in donations. It would be great to cover the entire amount for this gesture of sincere appreciation for all that Marcy brought to our rainforest students.
Adopt-A-School Volunteer Expeditions 2017
Follow the link to see the newly designed 2017 AAS volunteer booklet. The volunteer weeks are March 25-April 2 and April 1-9. If you would like to add your name to our list of interested volunteers, please do so by contacting Claire Lannoye-Hall at the Detroit Zoo.
Thanks for your help!

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