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Water, Water Everywhere, Part 2

We continue our efforts to provide access to clean water to all 56 of our ADOPT-A-SCHOOL partner communities. Since 2008 we’ve been building community water treatment plants in our larger villages, but we’re always on the lookout for clean water solutions for our smaller ones.

This year’s pilot project is a test of a simple water filter system that is used around the world for emergency drinking water. Sawyer Products, Inc. of Safety Harbor, FL, says this about their PointONE clean water filter system: “Families are able to hook up their filter literally in minutes to almost any locally found container. The gravity-operated filter and fast flow rate mean anyone, anywhere can have clean water in a matter of seconds.” We think this small-size system meets our needs perfectly.

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Through several generous donors, including Life Source Fellowship of Denver, CO and Adopt-A-Village International of Colorado Springs, CO, we were able to install the Sawyer systems in the homes and classrooms of three river communities. These families and the teachers were given the buckets and filters at no obligation to use for six months.
Results for the pilot project will be compiled and assessed at the end of the year. If all is positive, as we expect, the Sawyer Filter System will be made available to more of our partner communities, especially those that are too small or too scattered to warrant the investment of a large community water treatment plant. This system may also be a good backup for families each flood season when they have to relocate or the larger water treatment plants cannot operate.
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During the month of August, graduate students from the University of Colorado-Boulder Environmental Engineering Program implemented surveys in our partner communities. They conducted interviews with community members and performed water tests. Early anecdotal reports and testing during this annual water audit have been favorable. Each year the findings from the surveys have helped us improve and refine our clean water program.
Additional units are being tested in the city of Iquitos by families who receive city water but do not drink it because it is not considered safe. The added filtration of the Sawyer system will allow them to use their city water, no longer needing to buy separate bottles of drinking water from area suppliers.

CONAPAC is currently working on plans for 2014 to continue improving and expanding the clean water program. We can always use donations for construction, training, testing, monitoring, staff, and gasoline for our boats.

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Many thanks to those of you who responded to last month's appeal. We have received $10,000 from donors, a big step toward our $50,000 goal.

CONAPAC is a Peruvian non-profit organization whose mission is to promote conservation of the rainforest through education of its stewards, the people who live along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. Our centerpiece project is the Adopt-A-School program, which is strengthened by workshops and complemented by service and sustainable projects in river communities.
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