Until June 2016, there were only two ways to arrive at the library: walking half an hour or arriving in boats during high water season. Now students can also come riding the bicycles provided by the Peruvian government.
We recently unpacked a big suitcase full of…new games!! What a great surprise!
This special gift from Ann Bizer was the biggest delivery of new board games in the history of the library. The children wanted to start playing at once, and so the fun began. Thanks Ann!

The Library staff attended a special workshop on reading comprehension and story writing taught by visiting teachers from the United States. We obtained new and creative tools to work with our Library students.
The extremely wet rainforest environment is always a challenge to the preservation of our books. Rusty staples stain the paper and pages fall out. We are now rebinding more than 700 books, but many others will need such maintenance in the near future.


With a new format and centralized location, CONAPAC presented its 2016 teacher/community leader workshops in Indiana--a small town along the Amazon River. Over 200 teachers and 300 community authorities attended our sessions hosted in May and June. From the United States we welcomed "Conocimiento Se Compartirte,” a group of Peruvian-American siblings who teach in California. They brought exciting new ideas and methods for teaching math, reading comprehension, and story writing. Our teachers will now have two months to implement these methods in order to receive credit toward their advanced teaching levels. Claire Lannoye-Hall and Scott Carter from the Detroit Zoo also attended to observe this year's workshops.
Another new school kitchen was just completed in the village of San Luis. The second for this year, this one was built with the help of two United States volunteer groups and the members of the community. For the second year, teachers attending the Amazon Workshops Educator Academy made up one of these groups. Now, over 60 school children have a safe, clean, attractive place to eat their daily breakfasts and lunches. Thanks again to the SAGA Charitable Trust for its generous contribution this year. We've also constructed kitchens in the communities of Nuevo Uchiza and Irlanda with the help of two community service project groups--Fox High School and Sierra High School. This makes a total of four new school kitchens so far this year. Another will be completed in the village of Santa Lucia later in the year. Our villages are clamoring for this community improvement and we'll continue to provide them where we can when funding is available.
Adopt-A-School Volunteer Expeditions 2017
Follow the link to see the 2017 AAS volunteer booklet. The volunteer weeks are March 25-April 2 and April 1-9. If you would like to add your name to our list of interested volunteers, please do so by contacting Claire Lannoye-Hall at the Detroit Zoo.
Students Spread the Clean Water Message
In 2014 we delivered over 200 Sawyer PointONE clean water filter systems to each classroom in our Adopt-A-School program. Since then many continue to be in use. Students and teachers continue to rally around the clean water message by sharing it with others. We've found countless examples of posters, drawings, and community presentations focused on clean water. You must start with the kids as they are the future! Here are a few examples from the schools in Sapo Playa.
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CONAPAC is a Peruvian non-profit organization whose mission is to promote conservation of the rainforest through education of its stewards, the people who live along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. Our centerpiece project is the Adopt-A-School program, which is strengthened by workshops and complemented by service and sustainable projects in river communities.
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