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Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

Yes, there is a lot of water in the Amazon River basin, but it’s no longer safe to drink. CONAPAC has been providing clean water systems to our Adopt-A-School partners since 2008. However, not all communities in our program are large enough to need a permanent centrally located water treatment plant. This year, we’ve implemented a pilot program to test in these smaller communities using the Sawyer Filter System This simple, affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, filter is based on kidney dialysis technology. We’re excited about the possibilities that the Sawyer Filter Systems might provide to the AAS families—and to our passionate donors, who see the benefit of combining access to both education and clean drinking water as a worthy endeavor.

The filter and bucket system is placed in individual homes and can provide daily clean water with minimum effort or use of resources, like burning wood to boil water, for instance. It’s also easily transportable when families need to temporarily move during flood season.
One more child will have clean water to drink and to keep him healthy.

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Adopt-A-School Conservation Expedition volunteer Sally Van Nostrand poses with a proud recipient of a new water filtration system. This mom is looking forward to keeping her family healthy with uncontaminated water. In April AAS volunteers installed in-home systems at the communiities of 28 de Octubre on the Napo River and 07 de Julio on the Amazon.
Conservation Expedition volunteers, after a week of installation projects, stand under the great ceiba tree at Explorama's Ceiba Tops Lodge.
As part of a service project in June, volunteers worked with community members to set up water filtration systems in homes in Nuevo San Juan del Amazonas.

CONAPAC is a Peruvian non-profit organization whose mission is to promote conservation of the rainforest through education of its stewards, the people who live along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. Our centerpiece project is the Adopt-A-School program, which is strengthened by workshops and complemented by service and sustainable projects in river communities.
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