CONAPAC: 25 Years and Counting
Of all CONAPAC’s projects, none are more important than our Adopt-A-School program. Started shortly after CONAPAC was registered as a Peruvian non-profit, this program has grown significantly over the years and has been marked by many achievements along the way. This year, as CONAPAC celebrated 25 years, AAS rolled out its 23rd year of school supply deliveries. We are proud of our consistent and longstanding commitment to environmental education. As this year was a special one for AAS, we hosted our largest number of volunteers (33). We were able to make deliveries to all 51 communities, with high water not being a hindrance as in the past few years.
New Idea: a Boat Bus
More students than ever are now attending high school. Several volunteers and donors are very interested in providing "boat buses" so that no student who wants to go to high school is without a way to get there.

Qaliwara School Kitchens
Adopt-A-School Week #2 volunteers built a new school kitchen in the community of Centro Unido. Previously, daily meals for students were made in a very rustic makeshift kitchen. Now the community school has a proper space for cooking, cleaning, and storing food, plas a small dining room so students don't have to eat at their desks. These new kitchens (2015 AAS Week #2 also built one. See our November 2015 Newsnote.) will allow Qaliwara, the Peruvian child nutrition program, to be fully implemented, improving our students' ability to think and learn.
Adopt-A-School Volunteer Expeditions 2017
We've already received inquiries by interested volunteers about next year's Adopt-A-School Expeditions. Rest assured new information is coming as soon as CONAPAC and the Detroit Zoo evaluate this year's program and plan for the next. If you would like to add your name to our list of interested volunteers, please do so by contacting Claire Lannoye-Hall at the Detroit Zoo.
Adopt-A-School 2016 Highlights
Our new video featuring the CONAPAC Amazon Library
CONAPAC 2016 featuring the Amazon Library
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CONAPAC is a Peruvian non-profit organization whose mission is to promote conservation of the rainforest through education of its stewards, the people who live along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. Our centerpiece project is the Adopt-A-School program, which is strengthened by workshops and complemented by service and sustainable projects in river communities.