What we do

The mission of CONAPAC is to promote conservation and social development through education in the rainforest of Loreto, Peru.



CONAPAC Amazon Library

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  • The CONAPAC Amazon Library has been dedicated to promoting literacy in Amazon communities since 1999. Originally known by the name Centro de Conocimiento Compartido, (Center for Shared Knowledge), the library was donated to CONAPAC by its founder, Dr. Nancy Dunn, in 2011. The main library branch is located near the communities of Palmeras II and Yanamono II. The smaller second branch is located in the community of Sapo Playa. 
  • While the libraries are open to the public in general, their primary patrons are kindergarten, elementary, and high school students. Day to day, the libraries directly benefit four communities made up of three high schools, four elementary schools, and four kindergartens, serving approximately 400 students, 30 teachers, and 300 community members.
  • The library is open to all 55 Adopt-A-School communities for visits, activities, workshops, and training sessions throughout the year.
  • Daily library activities include:
    • Reading Club – Students keep track of each book they read. For every 50 books they read they receive a book as a prize to keep.
    • Computer classes – Students learn basic computer operation, keyboarding, and English in our solar powered computer lab.
    • Educational games and activities – Each day ends with time for games, drawing, crafts, and sometimes movies and documentaries.
    • Book check out- Students are allowed to check out books over the weekend.
  • Special library activities and programs include:
    • Field trips – We have traveled with students to various destinations, including the Quistacocha Zoo, the Acobia Manatee Preserve, Monkey Island, the Canopy Walkway, and educational institutions in Iquitos.
    • Workshops – Especially during school vacations, the library hosts workshops throughout the year, for students, teachers, and parents. Past workshops have included writing, music, art, theatre, sewing, embroidery, environmental education, and English. 
    • Scholarships – CONAPAC has sponsored many library students who wished to continue their studies beyond high school. Scholarships have been awarded to students studying at institutes, universities, and as Rotary International Exchange students to the US, Canada, and Brazil. 
    • Library Days – We have hosted students, teachers, and parents from distant Adopt-A-School communities to visit the library for the day so that they can experience all that the library has to offer. We provide support for gasoline costs and food for the groups during these school field trips to the library. 
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