How to Help

CONAPAC is a Peruvian non-profit organization whose mission is to promote conservation of the rainforest through education of its stewards, the people who live along the Amazon and Napo Rivers. Our centerpiece project is the Adopt-A-School program, which is strengthened by workshops and complemented by service and sustainable projects in river communities.



how to help

Supporting Community Water Programs

  • Individual Point of Use Filtration System -- $195 PER FAMILY: Provide a Sawyer PointONE™ Point of Use filtration system along with the necessary buckets, water stand, supplies, and training.
  • Community Water Treatment Plant -- $13,000 PER COMMUNITY: Provide a concrete community water treatment plant for over 50 families–-about 350 people per day. We also welcome partial funding of $3000 or more toward a community water plant.
  • Adopt-A-Drop -- $350 PER WATER PLANT: testing, monitoring, and continuing water education for one year in a CONAPAC partner community.
Online Donation
Donation Form

How to Donate online: Use this secure donation system available through our US partner, the Detroit Zoological Society. Be sure to use the Designation drop down menu to select clean water. Then select the blank button above it and put in your amount. You can add a further description of your request in the Comments box in the Additional Information section.

How to Donate by mail: Send this form and your donation to the DZS, our partner in the US. If you want your donation to be used for a water treatment plant and/or community workshop, please check special projects on the form and add a comment to indicate your request.


If you have any questions, would like further information, or are interested in participating in the building of a water treatment plant, please .