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The mission of CONAPAC is to promote conservation and social development through education in the rainforest of Loreto, Peru.



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Participating in Community Service Projects

  • EASA

    If you are planning a stay at Amazon Explorama Lodges, CONAPAC can facilitate a one day service project for your family or group in a rural river village.

  • Your work for the day may include building playgrounds, latrines, community gazebos, painting schools, planting trees, building bridges and fences or other similar activities.

  • Your fee provides funding for supplies for the project.

  • You will work hand-in-hand with community members on these environmentally friendly projects during the morning, share lunch in the village, and still have time for some fun, like playing or watching a big soccer game, in the afternoon. Working together with village members allows for social/cultural exchanges that are unique to this type of experience.

  • Most guests comment that the service project was the best part of their trip to the Amazon! This is a great opportunity for student groups, families, and friends alike to engage in a cross-cultural experience for up to 20 participants.

  • The cost for a group of at least four and up to 20 participants is $485 per group and $625 for a group of 21-26.

To arrange for a service project during your visit or for more information, contact:

CONAPAC AAS & Special Projects Coordinator