Who we are

The mission of CONAPAC is to promote conservation and social development through education in the rainforest of Loreto, Peru.



Our Volunteers

Teacher and Mary Knauer at Urco Mirano Each year, CONAPAC welcomes a large number of international volunteers who come to help implement our programs. Without their efforts and financial support, CONAPAC could not effectively complete its mission of providng environmental education. These volunteers bring enthusiasm and goodwill to river community residents. The opportunity for a cross-cultural experience benefits all participants. Volunteer Mary Knauer, our longest serving volunteer (15 visits) poses with one of the teachers at a CONAPAC school.
We came from all different places, different ages and occupations, but we all were there to help make the world a little better. We worked as a team and became like family. It is the people in the villages, especially the children, who reach out to you with their hands and steal your heart.--Nancy Kopf (Pachita), Titusville, Pennsylvania
I loved meeting the local teachers, principals, parents, and village leaders and feeling their passion for students' education and achievement. The contract between CONAPAC, education officials, and villages reinforces the accountability and high quality of the program.--Lundie Spence, Charleston, South Carolina
I'm proud to have been even a small part of CONAPAC's efforts. I'll remember this [trip] for...its potential to change lives.--Herb Thompson, Las Vegas, Nevada
With the generosity and the hard work of my fellow volunteers, we were able to accomplish the task of completing the "Water Filtration Systems" in many homes and to experience the look on the villagers'faces when they took a drink of clean filtered water. It was truly amazing. The sight-seeing was great. We saw nature at its best due to the experience of the guides. --Therese Sosin, Roseville, Michigan
What an incredible way to experience life on the Amazon and to make such a difference in the lives of local students. Two of the most rewarding and enriching trips I have ever taken. I look forward to working with CONAPAC and Detroit Zoological Society in future years.--Jef Leary, Elgin, Illinois
tish aragaki ...some of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Not just because of the nature of the work, but because of the generosity and inspirational spirit of the individuals involved: from the staff, to the volunteers, to, of course, the villagers. I wasn't ready for the experience with the team to be quite so emotionally encompassing and extraordinary. It's the sort of thing that renews one's faith in humanity in a time when it's so easy to feel discouraged.--Tisha Aragaki, Kaimuki, Hawaii
lynn clusky What an unforgettable, wonderful trip!  It was very well organized and I am a stronger person for the experience!  I definitely will be back and hopefully bring others to experience the program.
--Lynn Clusky, Brighton, Michigan
yan I've observed the adaptation and resiliency of local inhabitants to the unusual high water flooding to their homes and fields. I particularly enjoy the wonderful volunteers in our group which make the trip that much more fun.
--Yan Lee, New York, New York
Several years ago, I did the AAS delivery because it looked like an unusual trip. I was hooked. Adopted a school, contributed to projects and have been back every year. The rainforest and the people who livethere are beautiful.-- Bev Len, Livonia, Michigan Besides regularly supporting the Irlanda village school, Bev paid for repair of the entry bridge and for the new bakery, and for construction of a latrine at the library.
michael quimby I appreciate the great organizational effort by Explorama, CONAPAC, and the Detroit Zoo. From the time I arrive at the Explorama office in Iquitos, I know who can answer my questions, what the purpose of the trip is, where I am staying, why the trip is important, how I am getting from point A to point B, and which tourist activities are available to me.--Michael Quimby, Madison, Wisconsin
joe higgins This was my third trip as part of the Adopt-A-School program. When I did it the first year, people said that if I did it once, I would keep on coming back. That proved to be absolutely true. All it takes is a look at the faces of the children to make it all worth while.--Joe Higgins, Woodbridge, New Jersey
Bonnie Gornie In 2002 I was asked if I wanted to volunteer in the for the CONAPAC Adopt-A-School program. One trip and I was hooked. This program, in partnership with The Detroit Zoo, is an inspiring and rewarding experience that I recommend to everyone, whether they volunteer in Peru or adopt a school. The time in the villages has given me a new perspective, and I am sure it will do the same for anyone.--Bernadette Gornie, Shelby Township, Michigan
Ray Ludwig Ray Ludwig, of Scottsdale, Arizona, has helped deliver school supplies during Adopt-A-School week for several years. He has brought his teenage sons, Chris and Erich. In Arizona, Ray is a nurse in an urban hospital. His skills have come in handy more than once on our trips. Coming from a desert environment, Ray enjoys the heavy rain of the jungle. He and his sons keep returning because they enjoy the land, the people, and the company of AAS volunteers, while doing something worthwhile.
An amazing adventure--so wonderful to finally participate again in the AAS program and meet such dedicated volunteers. Special thank yous to all those who work so hard behind the scenes organizing this incredible experience. Your dedication is indeed helping to "preserve the rainforest, one child at a time." Truly an unforgettable week of hard work and much laughter, with the added bonus of making many new wonderful friends. Thank you. -- Linda Lownd, Kincardine, Ontario

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